20. - 22.09.2024 Hobbymesse Leipzig
KILT'N'STRONG Game of Clans
Immerse yourself in the world of Scottish Highland Games and compete in the Kilt'N'Strong against the best from across the country. Under the motto "Heavier-Higher-Further", you must be the first to achieve a record and a valid attempt in all events.
The traditional challenges Caber Toss, Stone Press, Farmers walk and Weight over Bar await you. But be careful when chasing records - the strongest in the land will do anything to beat you. What seems like a sure victory can also be snatched from you at the last second.

KILT'N'STRONG Game of Clans - The strong card game for everybody.

Content: 73 playing cards, 6 Clan boards, Game rules (English, German)


Mr. Stefan Kolitsch
KILT'N'STRONG Game of Clans